Loony Labor Day: 1995 Lincoln Ranchero Town Truck

Let’s start off Loony Labor Day with a simple custom that isn’t any more bizarre than the average crap classics we post on a regular basis.  This homage to Homerica started out as a second generation (1990-1997) Lincoln Town Car sitting on the Panther platform shared with the Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford’s Crown Victoria.  It has been converted into an El Camino a Ranchero style pickup complete with Town Truck badging.  What could go wrong?  Find this 1995 Lincoln Ranchero Town Truck offered for $4,850 in Loves Park, IL via craigslist. Tip from James R.

This thing doesn’t actually look that bad for what it is — but it looks huuuuuuuuge from a side few — way longer than a normal Town Car, but it could be an optical opticamino illusion.  If it runs drives and has working AC, it looks like the perfect car to mount a 5th wheel and pull some giant trailer. 

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