Looks Sharp: 1934 Brewster Cabriolet DeVille

This next tip comes from Dave Z who writes:  Is it just me or does the front end look like its been photoshopped or run through CGI to look stretched to a point?  Hate to get hit by that in a crosswalk!  Find this 1934 Brewster Cabriolet DeVille here on eBay bidding for $16,850 reserve-not-met located in Horseheads, NY. 

Wait..  There is a place called Horseheads in New York state?  Is it some kind of Mafia retirement village?  Anyway, Brewster & Company was a Long Island City based automobile coachbuilder who started by building bodies for Delaunay-Belleville and Rolls-Royce.  Brewster later used the ’32 Ford as the basis for this custom coachbuilt body, which is what this pointy nose sits on.

The interior is some seriously strange stuff when viewed from the eye of a 21st century car buyer, but this was standard stuff if you were a Rockefeller (or a well-to-do gangster…or is that redundant?) in the 20s/30s.  Power comes from Ford’s legendary 221 cubic inch Flathead V8.

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