Long Beach GP Vintage Pro Celebrity Racers: 1991 Toyota Celica(s)

The highlight of the annual Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach was an annual Pro/Celebrity race in Toyota street cars that was first run in 1977. The race has always had lots of carnage and is typically more fun to watch than the Indy/IRL/ChampCar parade of high-powered wing-equipped spec-chassis ‘race-cars’ held later in the day. Today we’ve got two of those mildly prepared Celicas offered from what appears to be an auction house or a dealer. Find this 1991 Toyota Celica Pro/Celebrity racer here and here via craigslist offered for $3999 each. (and on the Premier Auction Group website).

These cars come equipped with a racing seat, roll cage, and a set of tubular headers connected to a noisy exhaust. These particular cars might have raced in the 1991 or 1992 Pro/Celebrity race, and they may have been repainted/reliveryed over the year.s

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