Little Yellow Different: 1973 AMC Gremlin X

The AMC Gremlin was a little subcompact econobox built and sold during the height of the 70s fuel & emissions crisis — so it has as an excuse to be as terrible as something like a Nancy Sinatra karaoke night, dental work without Novocain, or a Ford Mustang II. But this next Gremlin might just have that “X-factor” to make it just odd enough to be cool. Find this 1973 AMC Gremlin X bidding for $4,000 with an hour to go located in Hanford, CA via ebay.

From the seller:

This is a 1973 AMC Gremlin X with a 4.2L (258ci) 6 cylinder and a 3-speed manual transmission. While the trademark “X” stickers on the quarters seem to be missing, the presence of the engine badge on the rear, aluminum-trimmed dash, 3-spoke steering wheel, and “GX” in the trim tag (all of which are pictured) confirm it’s a factory “X” model. The car runs and drives, I’ve experienced no mechanical issues. Has a new distributor, new water pump, new shocks, and new wheel cylinders, although the wheel cylinders could use some adjustment. There is a dent on the driver’s side rear quarter but nothing big. Headlights, brake/tail lights, and turn signals all work. Interior needs help, but it is complete. Speedometer and warning lights function but the fuel and water gauges don’t read accurately.

Included in the sale is a complete carpet kit (in black), some nicer sun visors, a new brake master cylinder (the current one works fine but leaks a little) and some other misc spare parts. Also included is a complete set of the desirable 5-spoke AMC Pacer wheels.

While it does have some rough edges, this is a really sweet little car that I’ve been enjoying driving around town. Would make a fun weekend car to buzz around in or a great start for a restoration project.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

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