Little Bagger: 1963 Cushman Super Silver Eagle

When I say motor scooter, you probably imagine a European (probably Italian) step through scooter, ideally with Audrey Hepburn driving it.  The American scooter manufacturer Cushman had a distinctly American take on the scooter, which of course, looked like a miniaturized Harley.  Find this 1963 Cushman Super Silver Eagle for sale on Vancouver Island, Canada for $4,000 via craigslist.

Unlike it’s wimpy Euro cousins, the Eagle scooter from Cushman wasn’t some sort of girly step thru with a gas tank hidden from view, it had an honest to god tank in front of the rider.  Cushman’s also had a capacity advantage (mohar powarh!), with larger engines, but not necessarily more power than their Euro cousins(oh…).  The Silver Super Eagle was the swan song of Cushman as a scooter manufacturer, originally powered by an 8 HP aluminium engine in 1961, it had all sorts of problems and most likely lead to Cushman’s demise as a scooter manufacturer.  Later Silver Eagles, like this 1963, were powered by a cast iron engine, while Cushman figured out how to fix the aluminium engine.  The ad doesn’t mention if this is the stock motor or a replacement.

As a kid, I remember when when the fair came to town and there was an amusement ride that was a merry-go-round that had little motorcycles instead of horses.  The control layout on the little bikes was similar to this scooter.  I wonder if the ride was made with a bunch of Cushmans…

It’s kind of ironic to see Harley and Indian banners in the background with a Cushman in front.   The seller is rather parsimonious with details – just six words and four are Cushman Super Silver Eagle.  But, it is a nice trip out to Vancouver Island.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He’s wondering where you would attach the extra lights and mirrors.