Lil Camper: 1972 Honda Pickup

The Honda N600 was introduced for the 1970 model year as the first Honda vehicle to be officially imported into the USA.  The little Honda was available as a coupe or wagon and had a 600cc engine that could revv to 9000 rpm, but it was never available as a camper..until now.  Find this 1972 Honda Pickup offered for an undisclosed price in Freeville, NY via craigslist.  Tip from Greg.

This N600 was first converted into a N6amino, but somebody threw a itsy-bitsy camper shell onto it and the results are amazing.  You won’t be able to stuff a queen sized air mattress in the back, but perhaps a pillow or two might fit.  Enjoy the great outdoors because you aren’t sleeping inside this thing.

See a better way to have some screaming fun?