Like The Wind: 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen launched their second generation of the front-wheel-drive Scirocco in 1981 with updated styling by Herbert Schäfer, but the name was still tricky to spell or pronounce. See-rock-o?  Sree-rock-o? See-rr-ah-ko? See-roo-koo?  It doesn’t really matter, because what Scirocco meant in plain English was “sporty looking Golf”.  Find this 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco here on eBay bidding for $2,600 and buy-it-now of $3,800 with 2 days to go.

 Searching for a Scirocco on craigslist is one of those things that requires patience — because you can’t just type in “Scirocco” and expect to find them all in a few searches (like searching Camero for instance), you need to try all manner of creative spellings “Sirocco” “Scrocco” “Skirockies” etc.

This Sriracha had its 1.8 liter 8V 4-banger rebuilt in 2007 with an ABA 2.0 bottom end swap and runs a ported/polished head with street/sport camshaft.  The car is far from perfect, but with some elbow grease (and a bit of luck) it could turn into a zippy little driver for minimal cash.

See another way to drive like the wind?