Lightly Awesome By Stimulated Emissions of Radness: 1986 Chrysler Laser Turbo

The Chrysler Corporation was founded in 1925, but it wasn’t until 60 years later in 1985 that they built their first Chrysler branded sports car. Yes, we are talking about the Laser. Not to be confused with the Plymouth Laser, which was just a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a Plymouth badge, but this is the Chrysler Laser, which was a Dodge Daytona with a Chrysler badge. Yes, that meant it was front-drive turbo 2.2 liter 4-banger powered, but it is reportedly a fun little machine. Personally, I can’t wait till the 2025 Stellantis Lasers get released. Haha, Stellantis!! The jokes just write themselves. Find this 1986 Chrysler Laser Turbo offered for $6,500 in St Louis, MO via craigslist. Tip from Ben.

From the seller:

1986 Chrysler Laser Turbo 5 Speed
condition: excellent
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 60555
title status: clean
transmission: manual
I have a 1986 Chrysler Laser Turbo 5 Speed. I purchased this car 23 months ago and have put less than approximately 800 miles on it in that time. I have pasted below the ad/listing from when I purchased it as it goes into great detail about the car.

Time to put my baby up for sale. I thought I was going to be buried in this car, but my life has changed and I need money. I truly believe this is the nicest laser in existence. Plus, where are you going to see another laser? Ive seen 2 Bugattis in my life, and this is the first Laser ive ever seen. Just recently, a 1985 Daytona Turbo Z with 91k miles sold on ebay for $12,000. I am the third owner. The car was build in St Louis, MO and sold at Cardinal Dodge in Pueblo, CO. The original owner had it until 2010. The gentleman I bought it from was in the Air Force, and had the car in Co, Tx, Ca, Az, and then at Scott Air Force Base in Troy Il. I bought it March of 2016. His listing stated various information such as

“The time has come to let go of my beautiful 1986 Laser. The Chrysler Laser was a corporate cousin to the Dodge Daytona, but was only built from 1984 to 1986. This absolutely rust-free example still wears its original Ice Blue Metallic paint, with all clear coat and factory shine still in tact. It’s a base model with the optional turbo engine (146HP) and 5-speed manual transaxle, and has its original (and cold) R-12 A/C system, cruise, tilt and power mirrors. It’s virtually 100% original and unmolested.
I purchased the car in early 2010 from its original owner in Pueblo, Colorado. From there, I’ve taken the car to various duty stations in California, Texas, Arizona, and now St. Louis. It’s never seen snow or salt. When I bought the car it had 47K original miles; today the odometer reads 50542. It basically sits…and sits…and sits.
The car was so original I simply kept busy doing various maintenance and repairs over the past 7 years. Here’s a list of most of the stuff I’ve done to the car (primarily due to age of the parts):

Complete engine tune, including plugs, wires, cap & rotor, O2 sensor, fuel & air filters

Replaced both hatch supports

Replaced OE shocks and struts with Gabriel units all the way around, including new strut bearings/mounts and cushions up front

Went through front and rear brakes, including calipers, pads, and hardware up front; and shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware in the rear. All fluid flushed and replaced

New rear wheel bearings

Added aluminum rear window louvers

Wheel alignment

Complete cooling system service, to include new radiator (O.E. Valeo, not Chinese junk), hoses, t-stat and Mopar radiator cap

New belts (Dayco)

New battery (NAPA)

New headliner

New timing belt and tensioner

New water pump

Added refinished Mopar “wagon wheels” wrapped in brand new Kelly Charger P205/60R15 radials
Inside the car I added custom-made floor mats and replaced the original AM-FM-Cassette with a mid-90s NOS Chrysler stereo. I sold the original radio to Dodge enthusiast; the newer one sounds a tad bit better anyway.
Everything works fine – the turbo spools, the A/C blows and the cruise control holds. Clutch and brakes are great. This car needs next to nothing (if I was to get really carried away I might think about re-covering the sun visors and rear speaker grilles…the cloth is getting saggy) and can be driven anywhere.
So why the sale? Mainly because the car just sits in the garage. I believe these cars should be driven and enjoyed, and I just don’t find myself with time to do that. In addition, I’m retiring from the Air Force in June and have to thin the fleet a little bit…moving cars gets expensive.”

The car is now back in St Louis. The only things I have serviced on the car is Shell V-Power 93 Octane with an octane booster EVERY fill up, Mobil 1 10w-40 Full synthetic substituted with 1 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil, a new air filter, and new Champion Platinum spark plugs. The car has 56,800 as it sits. It has never been daily driven, and is always garage kept. I wash it every week, and put it up on jack stands every month to detail the underside and motor bay. It is as close to being new as possible. It is absolutely mint. Very close inspection shows some minor rock chips on the underside and on the rockers. There is no rust on the car whatsoever. All the trim, weather stripping, moldings, and hoses are supple. The wheels have no curb rash, the tires are excellent, the dash has no cracks, the paint has no dents or scratches. The car is almost brand new.

My favorite part of the car is the paperwork. I have everything but the window sticker. I contacted Chrysler Historic Society and received a 20 page print out of all the options you could get on these. I also went online and spent upwards of $300 on original Daytona and Laser ads, sales brochures, magazines, post cards, service manuals, original Chrysler Laser Promo cars ( I had one painted ice blue to match the car.) I also have 4 brand new Gabriel shocks and struts that I will throw in. I have one 12 car shows, 1 Best in show, 11 1st places. I am debating about throwing these in. I probably will because it will make me cry if I ever see them again. I also have two bras I will throw in. Those were $120 new in box on Ebay. I also have new in box GTS headlight covers. I knew these cars were extremely scarce, so I went online and tried to buy everything I could find for these cars. I have a hatch storage carrier where all the accessories fit in. I bring all of this documentation with me to car shows.

My life is changing, and I cannot afford to keep the car. I need a daily driver, and even though it gets good gas mileage, and is super reliable, I cannot see myself risk taking a vintage car onto busy roads every day. It would crush me to wreck this car. I do take it about 100 miles a weekend for various car shows, and cruises. The only “modification” I have done to this is installed a Mopar Direct Connection Computer. It allows the car to make 11psi of boost, instead of 7. I can notice a difference. It’s a blast to drive.

I may be forgetting things, as my brain is telling myself to not list this car. I really don’t want to, and I will have to make sure it goes into good hands. I will not sell this car to someone who is going modify it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this extensive ad, if you have any other questions, please ask… I don’t want to leave anything out on this. I highly recommend out of state buyers to have this car inspected to show its true beauty. If you have any questions, please call or text me at 636-two eight 8-eight 5 three 8. Extra pictures and videos can be taken for anyone who wants to see more.

See a better way to drive a “sporty” Chrysler?