Levi’s Edition: 1975 AMC Gremlin X

My plan to spend the entire day posting nothing but Kia Souls was crushed by an avalanche to hate mail, so you can drop the pitch-forks and the Kia posts will stop…for now.  Actually, I found this next feature while searching for the elusive 2010 model year Kia Soul Levis Edition, a real unicorn in the Kia Soul family, but this is a cool car too.  Find this 1975 AMC Gremlin X Levi’s Edition here on eBay offered for $7,500 buy-it-now located in Lebanon, MO.

The Gremlin X was not the tenth version of the Gremlin, it was an optional trim package that combined a number of features like side tape stripes, body colored fascia, blacked out grill, bucket seats, and special wheels…but who cares about the X package, you want to see that denim interior!

Allegedly the Levi’s interior wasn’t cotton, but spun nylon that was dyed to look like cotton — something about cotton being flammable was the excuse for not using the real stuff, but the stuff still looks like a used pair of jeans, complete with burnished copper rivets and red Levi’s logo tags. 

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