Let Me Tell Ya About My Baby: 1995 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

I saw this next can and a little earworm immediately jumped into my head. And her name is G…L…O…R…IiiiiA…GLORIA…I wanna shout it ev’ry night (GLORIA!). Oh man. If I owned this car, I don’t think the cassette player would have anything other than Van Morrison’s single GLORIA stuck on repeat 24-7 at top volume. Makin’ me feel so good, huh, Make me feel all right, huh! I don’t think my wife or kids would want to ride in this car with me…mmmm…that’s just a bonus, I guess. Find this 1995 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo bidding for $4000 on cars&bids with a few hours to go.

From the seller:

THIS… is a 1995 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo, finished in metallic gray with a gray cloth interior.

This Gloria is a Japanese domestic market model that was imported to the U.S. in early 2020 and has been driven by the selling dealer for the last year.
The odometer on this Gloria indicates that it has been driven around 40,400 kilometers, or about 25,100 miles.

Unmodified, this Gloria Gran Turismo is equipped with some power features, automatic climate control, and a cassette stereo, as well as an electronic parking brake. It comes from the final year of Y32 production.
The Gloria is one of Nissan’s high-end sedans in Japan, and the Y32-generation debuted in mid-1991 with rounded styling compared to its predecessor and a choice of “VG” V6 engines underhood. The Y32 Gloria was closely related to the Cedric, though it was marketed as a sportier choice.
Power comes from a 2.0-liter V6, which produces 123 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque. Output is sent to the rear wheels through a 4-speed automatic transmission.

15-inch alloy wheels
Automatic climate control
Cassette stereo
Driver-side airbag
Electronic parking brake
Known Flaws
Scuffs on both front and rear bumpers
Scratches on left rear quarter and rear door
Some clear fade on mirrors
Some staining on alloy wheels and faded center caps
Dry rot on tires
Delaminating firewall insulation
Recent Service History
The selling dealer says that the oil was recently changed.

Other Items Included in Sale
1 key
Japanese-language owner’s manual

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