Legend In Your Own Mind: “1934 Ford” Legend Racecar

E-i-C Vince and co-founder CFlo talk about Crap Can racing like LeMons and ChumpCar as the affordable way to get into racing. I won’t disagree with them, but what if you are interested in short track or dirt oval racing instead of road racing?  If this is your destiny, the Legends series was started for you, young Padawan.  Find this “1934 Ford” Legend Racecar for sale Yelm, WA for $8,500 via craigslist.

The US Legends series debuted in 1992 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In the late 80’s the cost of circle track racing at the grassroots level was increasing and car counts at tracks were decreasing. The Legend car was designed as the answer to take the cost out of  grassroots programs and inject some excitement for the Saturday Night fans. A spec series, the cars use a tube frame chassis, powered by a sealed 1250cc Yamaha bike engine and clothed by your choice of 3 throwback NASCAR Modified body styles in 5/8 scale.  Our subject car has the ’34 Sedan body.

The series takes place mainly on paved ovals in the U.S., however it also competes in the UK, Scotland, Northern and Central Europe, Mexico and Australia.  Outside of the U.S. the other series complete on road racing circuits.  Our ad car comes with numerous spares to keep you going including 14 wheels.  The car was rebuilt at the end of the 2014 season after the driver blew an engine and the new motor has 8 – 10 races on it.  New engines go for around $6K, so you can debate among yourselves at how affordable the series really is.

The seller says he has consistent top 5 finishes at the South Sound Speedway near Tenino, WA   He seems to be getting out of racing as he will sell you an enclosed race trailer for an additional $3K. Seems like the best deals to be had are when a guy is moving on to something else.

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