Lawn Find: 1963 Volvo P1800

Honey. I was mowin the lawn an’ I found a Valvo. A whut? I found a Valvo -P18-hunner, two of ’em. You found a whut? I was riding the new Deere rideon thru a big patch of overgrown scrubs and I found a Valvo 18-hunner with trees grown right up thru the bumpers an then I found a P18-hunner trapped in the barb war. — come outside and look. Hang on, I’ve got curlers in my hair, oh wow. Those are rusty. I know. Can we keep ’em? Are you kidding me? You’ve got a dump truck, a minivan, a few tractors — you don’t need a Volvo, much less two of ’em. Sell it on thefacebook. Aww, shucks, one of ’em got the pointed up front bumper of a 63, but I’ll put ’em for sale. Find a 1963 Volvo P180 and 1965 Volvo 1800S offered for best offer in Nicholasville, KY via therustbook restingplace. Tip from yv1lw.

From the seller:

1970 Volvo 240
Listed 7 weeks ago in Nicholasville, KY
About This Vehicle
Driven 12,345 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Brown
Seller’s description

Two volvos looking to see if any interest looking for offers don’t know anything about them model or year I’m told they are a 1800 model

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