LAAS: 2013 Porsche Panamera

The LA Auto show press days have come and gone, free food has been stuffed in Journalist’s faces, swag given and taken, and soon the LA convention center will be flooded with regular folks who aren’t cheapskates looking for a free lunch and a free ride in exchange for constant positive publicity for every piece of garbage car coming from Detroit, Aichi, Stuttgart, etc.  These folks will be willing to shell out relatively large portions of their take-home salaries in exchange for the scent of new car.  We are happy and hope they take fantastic care of their new automobiles because we will be emailing them via Craigslist/eBay in 10 years to offer them pennies on the dollar for these cars.  A prime of contender for our Appreciation of Depreciation award has to be the Porsche Panamera; stay with us while convince you.

The Panamera is available in many trims, but it starts with ‘Base’ at $75k, ‘4’ at $80k, ‘4S’ – $95k, ‘GTS’ $110k, ‘Turbo’ $137k & ‘Turbo S’ $174k.  Wow, lots of letters, lots of dollars, but a quick breakdown is this Base & 4 are powered by a 300 hp V6, 4S & GTS a 400 hp V8, and Turbo a 500 hp V8. The Turbo S packs a 550 hp V8.  All are equipped with AWD except the Base and all have automatic transmissions of some kind, but the Turbo and Turbo S models are prime vehicles for future DT prices…and here are the reasons.

1st – it’s a non-911 Porsche and the market for 914, 924, 928, 944, 951, and 968 cars have depreciated to scrap parts values and other than rare models– they are cheap.  2nd – it’s a sedan and sedans always drop in price quicker than coupes/convertibles and hit lower lows before appreciating as classics (if ever!). 3rd and most important – it is ugly.  Hideous, slap its mom when it was born ugly.  In a short few years, the Panamera will be out of warranty, saddling its owners with $2,000 trips to the dealer to get its transmission reprogrammed, $3000 tire replacement when the 22 inchers wear out (seriously, why are the tires on new cars sooo huge!!) and still ugly.  Expect prices for the Turbo to be less than $30k within 8 years.  The bigger question is will you want to own one when they cost as much as a dealer visit?  Personally, we can’t wait!

As a side note, Porsche gave out a press kit jump drive with all kinds of nice pics of the Panamera, but the drive didn’t work and probably needs a trip to the dealer for a quick reflash, good thing the press kit is still under warranty!  So instead of nice Porsche provided photos, you get to see these crappy iPhone pics from the show.