Know Your Rights: 1980 Dodge Mirada

    You have the right to remain silent and refuse to turn over.  Anything you drip on the driveway may be used against you when bargaining.  You have the right to consult a Chilton’s guide before speaking to mechanic.  If you cannot afford a service adviser, one will be appointed for you. If you decide to drive somewhere without a mechanic present,
    you will still have the right to stop running at any time until you
    talk to a mechanic.  Hey…whoa…it is a Dodge Mirada…not a Miranda.  Find this 1980 Dodge Mirada offered for $6,400 in Fairfield, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Safety Fast.

    The Mirada was Dodge’s version of the (Ricardo Montalban approved) Chrysler Cordoba and Imperial — but it was the next generation with a more bland set of headlights and the leather was not longer made from the hides of soft Corinthians.

    What you get in the Mirada is a Chrysler 318 cubic inch LA-series small block V8 good for (wait for it….) 120 horsepower.  Before you start shouting KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN at the top of your lungs, you should take note that with 245 ft-lbs of torque the 318 will at least give you some mild off-idle oomph.

    See another forgotten subspace cruiser?