Knight Riddler: 1987 Pontiac Tojan

Hey, this is my new ride, it’s a Tojan. I’m sorry, did you just say it was a Toejam? No, not toe jam…Tojan. It’s like a portmanteau of trojan and removing the r from words where you shouldn’t have an r, but I digress. Roughly 150 examples of the Pontiac Tojan were built by Knudsen Automotive on third gen F-body chassis between 1985 and 1991– but don’t call it a kit car. According to various internet sources, GM commissioned the Tojan as a Ferrari fighter, and they used essential F-body mechanical parts with a Knudsen-designed exterior that looked like a bizzaro world Ferrari F40 that was built using nothing but parts a Fiero and Trans-Am. Find this 1987 Pontiac Tojan offered for $17,000 in Oregon, OH via fakeface toejamplace.

From the seller:

1987 Pontiac tojan
Listed a week ago in Oregon, OH
About This Vehicle
Driven 43,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Undefined · Interior color:
Seller’s Description
Classic 1987 Firebird Tojan (fiberglass body) with a 5.7 liter engine, power windows and door locks, alarm system, sound system, and red leather interior seats ODO 43,000 miles

See a better way to live the Tojan thug life?