Kit Carmageddon: 1984 Fieroghini Diabloat

Most Fiero based kit cars are miserable abominations…well…truth be told, they are all completely wretched.  Most can hardly hide the Fiero underpinnings and only use basic rubbing compound the polish the turd that lurks beneath the surface.  However, this next turd has been sanded, masked, honed, polished (multi-stage) and buffed to a shockingly good representation of a supercar…and while nobody is gonna be fooled, people might be intrigued and amused. Find this 1984 Fieroghini Diabloat offered for $16,995 in Hayward, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1984 lamborghini diablo

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

paint color: red

title status: salvage

transmission: manual

type: convertible

Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Replica

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE! I’ve already had a number of looky loos that only wanted to see the car in person, and were not considering purchasing at all. Please read the ad description FULLY before inquiring, as a lot of your questions might already be answered below. If you see this ad, the car is available. So please do not message me asking if it’s available. Thank you.

Selling a Lamborghini Diablo Roadster replica built on a stretched 1984 Pontiac Fiero chassis. Nice looking car that sure attracts A LOT of attention! Let me start out by saying….Do not let the completed looks fool you! This is an UNCOMPLETED PROJECT CAR that still needs work before it is ready for the road. What you see is what you get! This is not one of those ads that shows a completed car of what it can look like when it’s done, then followed by pictures of the actual primered car in the early build stages. The car in the pictures is exactly what the car looks like! Even though it does literally run and drive, it is not a car that you should just get in and drive away. A LOT of the hard and expensive work has already been done, but it will take someone who can finish the details to really take it to the final “finish line”. I have lost interest, and I also do not have the time or resources to finish it. So, I have decided to sell the car as it is. Would you like to take on this project and take it to finish? Please read the details below and decide for yourself if this is the car for you. I will try to be as detailed as I can in describing it. Please read the ad fully as a lot of your questions will probably be answered in the description.

– Starts right up and runs/drives! It “parking lot drives” as I’ve heard people use that saying.

– Built on a STRETCHED Fiero chassis to obtain the correct size wheelbase comparable to an original Diablo

– Pretty accurate body dimensions/styling and size

– Optional rear wing is installed on the rear trunk

– Removable (convertible) top with guide pins and latch mechanism installed. (This removable top will still need some work to make it more usable)

– NEW Intro brand replica polished aluminum 5 hole wheels with replica 3 piece wheel design. (Bolts on the outer part of the wheel centers but not real 3 piece wheels)

– Wheels are 17×10″ in the rears and 17×8″ for the fronts

– Brand New Tires! Kumho Ecsta 275/40ZR17 rears and 235/40R17 in fronts

– Wheels have the Lamborghini 5 hole styling with polished aluminum center caps. The wheel center caps are aluminum and the emblems are stickers.

– Rear wheels have 1.5″ spacers installed on each side to give the rears the proper look in proportion to the wheel well lip

– Allen lug nuts (reverse socket type)

– Scissor doors open, close and latch smoothly. Keyed exterior door latch release/handles which also lock down flush with the surface when not in use. (Key is missing for these latch handles)

– Engine lid, front hood and rear trunk are all hinged. They all open and close smoothly.

– Front hood is latched with a release handle under the steering column and works very smoothly

– The front hood does not have any gas support struts installed. They will need to be purchased and installed for the front hood to stay open on its own.

– Engine lid is not latched. 2 rear gas support struts are installed but will need to be replaced since they are too weak to support the lid.

– Grille mesh screens are all painted and installed in the air intake openings and scoops

– Good size rear trunk storage area.

– Rear trunk has a top and bottom latch installed, but needs to be finished to be operable. Rear trunk has a locking support to hold it open and works well.

– 4 Speed manual transmission

– Anatomic black perforated leather shift knob

– Clutch seems to “grab” well and is not slipping

– Original Fiero 2.5 litre 4 cylinder fuel injected engine

– Custom exhaust system with custom fabricated pipes and dual exhaust tips. It has a glasspak type muffler which even makes the 4 cylinder engine sound a bit “beefier”!

– Chrome dual exhaust tips on each side. (4 tips total like the original Diablo has)

– Original 4 wheel disc brakes with large aluminum brake calipers. Brake calipers have been painted red

– Curved and shaded DOT laminated windshield. (Windshield ended up cracking upon installation)

– Laminated and tinted side door glass. BOTH door glass windows are cracked for the reasons described below. The tint also has a lot of scratches on the surfaces, and the tint installation job was not done to the best of quality.

– Power windows installed in both doors. (Power regulators and motors are installed and the windows were working. However, due to the guiding tracks for the glass not being completed, BOTH door glass windows have cracked upon operation. -12 volt power to the windows have been disconnected for now.)

– Rear window is a naturally shaded/tinted Lexan piece, so it’s very durable and resistant to scratches

– Brand new OEM Lamborghini rear tail lights (4 lights which are the OEM “Hella” brand)

– Diablo 6.0 style rear end with the appropriate “Pac-man” turn signal tail lights

– OEM Lamborghini headlights (Nissan 300ZX) with Carbon Fiber pattern vinyl wrap for the “eyelids” on both lights

– Lamborghini replica VIN sticker, ID stickers, tire pressure sticker installed on the underside of the driver’s door and door jamb

– Custom “engine cover” steel plate with Lamborghini stickers on it that shows through the grille opening when the engine lid is closed.

– Undersides of the rear engine lid, removable top, front “trunk” lid, and inside of the rear trunk areas have been coated in black and looks decent

– Bosch rectangular front fog lamps with yellow film (Passenger side lens is cracked and these lights are not connected or wired in)

– 2 projector driving lights in the lower front spoiler

– The “Euro” amber/white front turn signal lenses are look alikes. They are full amber lenses with white transparent film on them.

– Radiator in front was mounted/modded at the necessary angle in the front “trunk” to accomodate the low front end of the body. Cooling system is filled with coolant

– K & N rechargeable performance air filter

– New battery

– Newly custom upholstered seats in LEATHER in red/black to match the theme of the interior (Cost over $900 to have these seats upholstered!)

– Headrest speakers in each of the seats. Custom perforations were done in the upholstery to allow for the installed speakers.

– Brand New VDO gauge set installed! (Gauges light up when the headlights are turned on, but they are NOT working as they will need to be connected/wired in)

– Custom gauge faces installed to look like the original Lamborghini gauges. Even has the Lamborghini wording and raging bull on the faces!

– Dashboard styling is true to the shape of the original. Sprayed with a textured paint to replicate Alcantara. The red “stitching” has been painted on to go with the red/black interior theme

– Lamborghini style round dash vents which open/close and rotate around

– Emblems in the dash are raised plastic emblems with stickers

– Alcantara textured “topper” for the top side of the dash

– Replica passenger side airbag “padding” in the dash (Not a real airbag)

– Background gauge panel and 3 center console panels are covered in textured carbon fiber vinyl.

– HVAC control in the dash is just a sticker to show where the real HVAC control panel would go, and what it would look like when a real one is installed

– Rear portion of the center console also goes around to behind the seats. Nicely upholstered and stitched in black vinyl.

– Aluminum and black racing style pedals

– 3 spoke steering wheel and horn button with the Lamborghini bull emblem (Which is a sticker)

– Tilt steering wheel column

– Newly installed lightweight carpeting in red color

– Floor mats with custom embroidered red Lamborghini shield/logo emblems

– Door panels are black carpet with red carpet accents and custom red upholstered armrests (“Speakers” are not actual speakers, but are just round carpet pieces to show where the door speakers are to be installed)

– Power adjustable (glass) side view mirrors that fold down manually when needed (Power is currently not connected to the side view mirrors)

– Keyed locking hinged aluminum silver finish gas cap in the quarter panel (Key is missing) -Matching “gas cap” door/cover on the opposite passenger side quarter panel as well

– Front hood and side quarter panel Lamborghini “shield” emblems are black and chrome metal emblems.

– Rear Lamborghini bull emblem on the rear is a metal chromed emblem.

– The rear emblems that say “Lamborghini”, “Diablo Roadster” and “Designo Marcello Gandini” are all raised plastic emblems with stickers

– Weatherstripping for the doors is included, but are not currently installed

As mentioned above, the car starts right up and runs and drives. Needless to say, it attracts a lot of attention and is a real headturner, even it its current unfinished condition! Please remember that this is an UNFINISHED PROJECT car though and it is NOT ready for the road. I’ve only driven it in a parking lot, and up and down the driveway. I am unable to comment at all on the driving performance/experience or reliability. I do know that the car has been sitting for a number of years while this body transformation took place.

This car has A LOT of potential. It needs someone who has “vision” and is willing to get their hands dirty to take this car to finish. Or, if you know of somebody who has the skills, is willing to help you out and let them get THEIR hands dirty? Bottom line, it needs someone to finish this car. It currently has the original Fiero 2.4 liter fuel injected engine. For the drivetrain, the next owner can select to leave the original 4 cylinder engine and work with it to make it more operable, or even maybe modify it to gain more horsepower? Or, since the chassis has been stretched, there is PLENTY of room in the engine compartment for a larger engine swap if desired.

I purchased the car in a much less completed state. I hired out and had a lot of work done to it during my ownership to take it to the stage you see it at today. Looking at some of the quality of work from the previous owner AND from some of the work I paid to have done to it, there are a number of things that were not done to the best of quality in my opinion. I now wish I did not hire some of the people that I did in fact have do some of the work. However, I can’t go back in time. With that said, there are things that should be disassembled and redone correctly with better quality of work. From reading the list above, you should have gathered information on some of things that I believe need attention. I will describe more here. Please understand that this is just my assessment and I may not have caught every detail since I am not an expert by any means. The exterior items I feel need attention are: front and rear side marker lights need to be connected, front rectangular foglamps need to be wired/connected, needs rear license plate lights, wheels look great, but do have some corrosion/pitting in the polished finish and could use a high speed polish, reverse lights are not working, rear engine lid and rear trunk need the latching mechanisms finished or started (engine lid), 3rd brake light was fabricated and works but was a terrible quality job, no front windshield wiper installed but it was going to be a fair weather car for me anyway. The removable top is really very rough and is not really usable the way that it is in my opinion. It has only one latch in the center at the rear and it’s not as secure as it should be. When the top is installed, it has a large gap between each of the side door glass pieces and the removable top itself. The doors open and close fine with the top in place, but the driver’s side door glass comes really close to rubbing it. Some reworking of the top will need to be done to fit more properly and to get rid of the large gaps on each side. The top is VERY ROUGH, but at least there’s a removable top panel to work off of as a starting base. Otherwise it fits well between the windshield post and the rear near the 3rd brake light. There is no headliner/upholstery installed, but the underside has been nicely coated black which looks decent. I was planning to drive the car without a top anyway (fair weather car), so I wasn’t too concerned about these removable top issues. There is also no way to secure the top onto the rear engine lid for storage while it is removed. Either leave the top at home while driving, or some sort of securing mechanism needs to be fabricated hold it in place.

The paint is decent and looks great from a distance and even fairly close up. However, it’s not perfect and does have scratches, nicks, small chips, “fish eyes”, and drips in a few places. The body is in good shape, but does have a few minor stress cracks in a couple of places due to the nature of fiberglass. Interior attention items are: “A” pillar and windshield post trim pieces/upholstery need to be done, dash needs additional switches and controls to be installed/connected (A selection of switches and controls that were going to be used will be included), HVAC vents are installed, but there is absolutely no hoses or air ducting run to them, no HVAC control installed (Easiest would be to reinstall a hidden Fiero control which I do not have), headlight and gauge panel dimmer switch needs proper mounting, needs stereo and speakers (if desired), dashboard and upholstery by the rear back glass can be redone better if desired, horn is not working, interior rear view mirror needs to be installed, door glass tracks for power windows need fabricating and to be installed, seat belts need installing (Only the 2 seat belt receivers are included), parking brake handle is very tough to access (nearly impossible) with the newly upholstered seat in place and needs modification. The 3 spoke leather steering wheel has been dyed black, it looks okay but the leather is kind of in rough condition, red floor carpet install looks decent but not the best job. I fit in the seat well with appropriate head room, and I’m able to operate the pedals, steering wheel and gear shifter just fine. However, if you’re a tall person, it might be a bit tight for you and the seat may need to be modified or even lowered for a more comfortable fit. Door panels are a black carpet with red carpet accents and a fiberglass replica handle/armrest that is covered/stitched in red vinyl. The interior door release handles are metal “rings” in the corner in which you pull toward you. A more accurate and comfortable pull type handle can be installed if desired. The doors open, close and latch fairly smoothly. They have heavy duty hinges and are fairly solid when in the open position. When closed, the door aligns up fairly well except for the bottom corners where they don’t align up with the body exactly as they should. I think the doors will need some adjusting to make them fit better.

Mechanical items: As mentioned, the car has been sitting for a number of years while this transformation was taking place. The engine starts right up and runs decently, but should be gone through with the normal maintenance items before putting it to real use. I have no idea of the real condition of the engine and all I can tell you is that it starts right up and seems to run decent. I can pretty much guarantee you that it is not going to pass the California smog check/inspection in its current state. It appears to still have the original catalytic converter installed. All of the coolant hoses have all been extended to accommodate the chassis stretch, and the system has coolant in it. I have not run the engine for any length of time due to the front electric radiator cooling fan not being connected, and I did not want the engine to overheat. The transmission moves the car forward and reverse. There is ONE stuck shifter cable (The cable itself seems to be seized inside of the casing) and it is currently disconnected. It needs to be manually put into reverse in the engine compartment for now so that the car can be moved around. It can be put into the forward 1st and 2nd gears from inside. It can be put into 3rd and 4th gears in the engine compartment, but for obvious reasons I cannot test them while driving due to the stuck shifter cable. The fuel pump inside of the fuel tank is bad. I have purchased a brand new Bosch replacement unit which is included and will need to be installed properly. I had a guy temporarily rig up a setup with the new fuel pump inside of the engine compartment so that the car can run and drive. It is the new replacement fuel pump inside of a plastic container acting as a fuel tank. It is temporarily wired and plumbed into the original fuel system so that it can run and drive. The original fuel tank system needs to be put back into operation, and this temporarily system removed before putting the car back on the road! Brakes seem to work fine but are sticking. I think this is due to the long period that this car has not been used, so the brakes will need to be looked at.

There are a few additional parts that will be included with the car. Door seals/weatherstripping, assortment of buttons and switches that were going to be installed in the center console and dashboard (hazard switch, rear trunk release button, defroster switch, left and right power mirror control switch, plastic switch bezel trim piece, cigarette lighter, interior rear view mirror with wire harness (rear view mirror also has built in map lights on the underside), driver and passenger side seat belt receivers (receiver portions only), original rubber pedal pads, misc fiberglass parts (I’m not sure exactly what these are for but might be for the door glass guides), original Fiero air intake box, air vent “flapper” valve for the air duct?, original Fiero instrument cluster that reads 107,709 miles.

Paperwork: I do NOT have a title for this car. Original vehicle that this is built on is a stretched/modified 1984 Pontiac Fiero VIN 1G2AF37R7EP299871. It was last registered and titled here in California. It was purchased through an estate sale by someone and I purchased it from them. I have back tracked and have gotten all of the appropriate bill of sales/transfer forms between owners and made sure they were signed and dated. CA DMV has also given me an official replacement title (Pink) form to act as a temporary title and to apply for a new title when it is time to transfer. That form is also filled out and signed. I have also gone so far as to obtain a copy of the previous owner’s death certificate. Also included is a copy of the official court certificate designating an administrator of the estate being legally able to sign documents. This supports one of the signed documents that is included. I also personally called the CA DMV and they have informed me that the vehicle is currently on a non-operational status, and that there are no back registration fees or penalties due. It last passed the California smog check on 3/10/2004, and the last time it was currently registered was in 2006. The DMV had also informed me that the car had received a salvage title in 2004. I also ran a VINCheck report (Copy included) and it does not show it on any theft records, and it also does NOT show a salvage record either. Even though the DMV told me directly that it does have a salvage title in California. You would be able to go the route to re-register this vehicle as a Fiero again, or what I was planning to do was apply for a Special Constructed Vehicle (SPCNS) registration. SPCNS registration would be the equivalent if you had built a replica car from scratch, without any type of original production donor vehicle. The latter would be the better option I felt as the DMV will give you a newly assigned VIN number, and a bi-annual smog check for the vehicle would also not be required. Please keep in mind that I am talking about the options here in California, and I cannot speak about requirements in other states. In the end, the paperwork will take some effort, but this is part of the unfinished project and work that the car will need to finish it. I do have all the documents in my possession to prove that I am the legal owner of this vehicle, which will be given to the next owner. I will also provide an additional bill of sale from myself to the new owner. The chassis still holds original VIN numbers on the chassis in which one is located on the driver’s side of the old dashboard.

Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, round accent/driving lights in the front spoiler are all working. As mentioned above, all of the gauges are installed and also light up when the headlights are turned on, but do not work since they need to be wired in/connected. Seats are very comfortable since they were newly upholstered with new padding. Starts right up and can literally be driven. A very appealing project in which A LOT of the hard work is already done. From my point of view, it’s more fun to work on something that is looking more “completed” like this to start with, so that you can see the “finish line” and keep your motivation up. Compared to starting one from scratch and doing the hard and dirty rough in work in the beginning. This is great way to get into a replica car if you’re on a budget and/or have limited skills on building something like this from scratch.

So, not discouraged yet and you’re still reading this far down?? Well then, this just might be the car for you! Please keep in mind that this one was never meant to be a perfect showroom show car. It was intended just to be a toy to play with, so it’s NOT perfect. Sure, there are show quality condition and more accurate replicas out there than this one, but those can go for around $90K+! I think you will be HARD PRESSED to find one of these stretched wheelbase replicas that looks this accurate and complete for around this price range! I have lost interest and I am hoping that someone else has the energy and motivation to take this one to the end. So, I’m letting it go cheap! This is a great entry level car to get into the replicar hobby. Once it’s finished, I think it will be a real blast to own. It can get the attention of the genuine 6 figure exotic at a small fraction of the price. Selling strictly AS IS. What you see is what you get. (As I mentioned above) Not really interested in trades, but might consider a trade plus cash, depending on what you have to trade.

Please click on the link provided in the link below to view the photo album with over 75 detailed pictures.


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