Kiss My Warts: 1982 Meyers Tow’d

 A wiser man than I once said : Old cars only become classics when we forget how terrible they were when new.  Nothing could be more true for a home built dune buggy…but this next one might give you some fresh memories of being terrible AND put a frog-eatin grin on yer face.  Find this 1982 Meyers Tow’d offered for $5,000 in Salem, OR via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

No witches spell will turn this Salem (oops…wrong Salem…meh, it works anyway) located prince into a toad, because an original Tow’d is wicked.  The Tow’d was in essence an early version of a Polaris ATV — and designed to be towed behind your motorhome and then hopped
over sand dunes like a toad when you get to the various free to play
areas that used to dot the American landscape.  Luckily, someone plated this VW Beetle based kit for the street, so you can get  your off-road driving in across the potholed streets of whatever crumbling American city you chose.  Detroit, Los Angeles, Baghdad, etc.

See a better kit?