Kershaw Kruise-Aire: 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado Limousine

This next car defies categorization. Is it a van? A minivan? Mobile office? Motorhome? Limo? Or, is this the most awesome thing you’ve seen all week? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, AND YES! The thing you see in front of you is a one-off custom built by Glenn Pray of Oklahoma for a guy named Royce Kershaw Sr. There is an interesting 2014 Hemmings article about the beast, but the Kruise-Aire is now part of an estate sale from the son of the original owner. That estate sale includes oddities such as a 1991 Audi 1000 Quattro Sedan and a 16-gauge amusement park rail train, but this XXL-sized Brubaker Box clone is the highlight. Find this 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado Limousine bidding for $11,250 (closing on 2/21/2024) in Montgomery, AL via AuctionByPearce.

From the seller:

The Glenn Pray – Kershaw 1968 Cruiseaire II Oldsmobile Toronado Limousine. VIN#394878M608892. A “one off” custom built, low profile, mobile office/limousine for the traveling businessman. Royce Kershaw Sr purchased a brand new 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado and removed the body to use the factory chassis and drivetrain. It has a 425 cubic inch Oldsmobile V8, automatic transmission. It Shows 738 miles. it features a single drivers seat (designed to be driven by a chauffeur), stove, cooler, black and white TV, 8 Track, telephone/intercom from cabin to chauffeur. Cranks and runs.

Featured in Hemmings Motor News “Car Culture” in 2014. An idea by Royce Kershaw Sr but designed and built by famed coach builder, Glenn Pray (Cord 8/10 replica’s) with input from Gordon Buehrig (Buehrig was personally responsible for the design of the Auburn 851 Speedster, the Cord 810/812 and over half the coachwork that graced Duesenberg’s Model J: the Beverly Berline (built by Murphy, Rollston and Weymann); the Tourster (built by Derham); the Town Car (a single example built by Brunn); the Twenty Grand (a single example built by Rollston); the Convertible Torpedo Victoria (built by Rollston); and the Torpedo Phaeton (built by Brunn and Weymann-American).

Royce Kershaw Sr died before the interior was installed. Later, the family sent the vehicle to Howard Areo aircraft interiors in San Antonio to be completed.

This is an amazing, one of kind, investment vehicle with provenance!

The vehicle is registered as a 1968 Oldsmobile. No title. Alabama registration included.

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