Karmannguia: 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 14

This next car is a bit of a project…actually it is a whole bunch of little projects, but who here doesn’t love to spend his weekends up to the elbows in grease?  Exactly.  Anyway, the seller in this next craigslist employs some creative spelling for this Type 14, but a good deal is good deal…unless it isn’t.  Find this 1970 Volkswagen “Karmannguia” Type 14 offered for $3,500 in San Diego, CA via craigslist.

Truth be told, the name Karmann Ghia was really an odd thing for Volkswagen to call the Type 14…sure it was designed by Ghia and bodywork by Karmann, but it isn’t like Apple has ever named their latest phone the iChineseSlaveLabor.  Regardless the Type 14 was built from 1955 through 1974 with a hand-built steel body on top of a widened Beetle pan.

Powering this one is a 1915cc flat-4 with dual 40 Webers and some potential oiling issues spelled out by the seller.  Fix the engine, give it a paint job, fix the rust in the floor pan and hood, add an interior…yeah. 

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