??k: Will Slab-o-Woody Lightning Strike Twice?: 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

While not the sportiest of rides we’ve ever posted, our previously covered ’96 Roadmaster Estate Wagon, shocked several skeptics when the bidding soared from $6,100 to $16,115 in its closing day.  Therefore, its fair to ask the question if that was an anomaly or an accurate reflection of the scarcity of these low mileage barges.

The answer to that question may rest in this nearly identical 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, currently available on Ebay, with only 69,000 miles and bidding at a less than stratospheric $3,150, with 2 days left to go.

We previously commented that the real money doesn’t show up on these wagons until the closing minutes.

So, the only things left to wonder about on this one are: Will lightning strike twice?  Is the dealer who owns it a  DT reader?

We post these, not because they’re sporty (like say a Renault Alliance Ragtop), but because they represent an opportunity for an open-minded DT’er to snag one on the cheap, flip it on Ebay, then parlay that sweet fundage into that highly coveted ’88 Shelby CSX-T Thrifty-mobile, ’75 Granada or ’72 Pinto Wagon.