??k: Cue The Vultures: 1979 Mercedes 240D W123 V8 Swap

As a rule, we typically don’t post cars on this website that don’t have a clear asking price or at least a current bidding amount, but sometimes if you have to ask the price you can afford it.  This particular car wouldn’t be worth checking out, except that the seller says it needs some sorting before it can be driven home…and the jackal inside me smells a wounded antelope calf….and I’m hungry.  Find this 1979 Mercedes 240D V8 Swap offered for sale in Oakland Hills, CA via craigslist for an undisclosed price.  Tip from Fueltruck.

Cars without a selling price almost always fall into the category where the seller is insane and thinks his stuff is worth twice what everybody else pays…but you could get lucky and find a seller who is on the other side of the market.  However, if the ad stays up on craigslist for more than a few hours, then it is usually the former because all sorts of people will call this guy and see if they can get a deal.

Under the hood is a  Ford 302 cubic inch V8 attached to an undisclosed Ford transmission, but it is probably the AOD 4-speed auto.  If this was equipped with 3 pedals the seller would probably have highlighted that fact…probably….

What is this thing worth to you?  tips@dailyturismo.com