K-Carmageddon Survivor: 1988 Dodge Aries LE Wagon

The K-car was an instant sales success for Chrysler when first introduced, and by the end of the third year of production over a million Ks had been sold in Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge 400/Aries, and Plymouth Reliant flavors.  Although marketed as having European flair, the K was distinctly American in execution, with a small overhead cam equipped 4-banger mated to the front wheels and a solid beam axle out back. The Aries/Reliant/LeBaron/400 was tuned for American roads and featured a comfortable ride uncommon with 2500 lb compact cars from the same era, just don’t expect anything sporty from the K and you’ll be fine.  Find this 1988 Dodge Aries Wagon here on eBay bidding for $1,975 located in Norwalk, CT with 1 day to go.

Today’s K-car is no ordinary K-car, it is a “rare” 88 Aries Wagon — okay, there is nothing really rare about an Aries in any flavor, they were stamped out like Altoids tins and the only thing rare about this car is the fact that it isn’t in a junk yard.  Actually, you don’t find many K-cars in salvage yards these days since most have long ago been melted down to be turned into refrigerator magnets and Altoids tins…so maybe it is rare.

Tell you what’s rare — the color of the interior is a nice shade of rare prime rib…delicious.  Not so delicious is the 2.2 liter fuel injected (new for 1988…I think) for 93 horsepower and 122 ft-lbs of torque.  With the automatic gearbox it might hit 60 mph if you are willing to wait about 13 seconds.

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