Just Add Ford V8: 1989ish LaForza

I love back-breaking labor as much as the next guy…but building a LaForza from an abandoned chassis without a set of instructions is going to be difficult at best. But, the seller of this LaForza has 3 or 5 additional LaForza vehicles (and some extra parts) strewn about in his/her yard, so you might get some good tips from the guy/gal who abandoned this project for hopeless, which sounds like taking parenting advice for your newly adopted son from the parents who abandoned him in the first place, but free advice is free. Find this 1989ish LaForza offered for $1000 in Whitmore Lake, MI via craigslist. Tip from Zach.

From the seller:

condition: fair
1 chassis Would make Great 4×4 Project Call show contact info
do not call after 9 P.M.

See a better way to start your LaForza scrap yard? tips@dailyturismo.com