• I had no idea Kawasaki ever made an early Z50 competitor. Beside the 2-stroke vs 4-stroke thing, the Kawi has rear suspension!

    I have a (first-year) 1968 Z50 Mini Trail, which is a hardtail of course. The wheelbarrow like tires do help to soak up bumps when aired down.

  • Two questions:

    1. What would you think the size and/or weight limit would be for a rider? Gotta be for kids, right? Parnelli is towering over it.

    2. Would you even need a title on this? I'm assuming you'd be mental (as an adult) to ride it on the street. If you just took it off road in the woods and trails, would anyone care? All I can think is that you might need a title/registration to take it to an OHV site/park. Never been to one, but I think there are permits involved.

    Regardless, I know I'm way too tall for this thing. I look goofy enough as-is.

    • The reason the Honda Z50 was called the monkey was that when adults rode them, they looked like monkeys. As far as I know the size didn't preclude adults from riding it. The spec sheet I found didn't list a weight limit, but people were generally lighter back in 1971.

      I think you would be ok on private land as long as you got permission. In WA you need to have title and registration for an ORV tag. You can even plate this bike if the speedo and lights work. WA has a lost title process that you need to go thru. You apply for a lost title, have a state patrol inspection done and then provided it doesn't show up stolen, you get a registration. After a 3 year period you get a title if no one reports it stolen and proves ownership. I looked into it for an XR80 I bought cheap off CL, but never went thru with it.

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