Italian Guacamole: 1975 Lancia Beta Coupe

Today we bring some good news to the classic car market, good news for buyers at least. If you scan the recent auction results over at Hemmings auctions, you will find some decent buys in the completed auctions section (like this ‘86 Porsche 944 that sold for $8k). Is this an indication that some of the over-inflated prices we’ve seen from the big online auction house will get better? Or a sign that Hemmings doesn’t have the same number of stupid rich buyers as Bring a Trustfund? I’m not entirely sure, but I do think this next avocado green Lancia is a smokin deal at the current bid. Find this 1975 Lancia Beta Coupe bidding for $2100 with a few hours to go via Hemmings Auctions.

From the seller:

The engine is a 1.8-liter twin-cam inline-four with an aluminum hemispherical cylinder head and a single two-barrel carburetor. The 1800 engine was rated at 120 horsepower at 6,200 rpm with 9.8:1 compression and 111 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm by the manufacturer when new. The transmission is a five-speed manual that provides power to the front wheels. The sellers state that engine is original to the car and “runs very well.” They also note that the timing belt was changed in 2021, currently with less than 2,000 miles on the new belt. Cold starts are described as “very good, every time,” with no smoke. A new battery was installed in 2021 and the starter motor was rebuilt “to make sure that the cold starts continue to be good.” The choke is noted to “slip back a little.” The five-speed manual transmission is described as being in “excellent” condition, shifting smoothly up and down and benefitting from a newly upgraded shift linkage with Delrin bushings. No issues with the clutch, synchros or transmission noise are reported, nor gearbox or axle leaks. Some minor seepage is noted on the oil pan. The engine compartment appears to be very clean in the photos provided.

The sellers write that they have maintained the Lancia in “collector car” condition. The Verde Cascine Green exterior is the original color and was repainted by a previous owner, according to the sellers, who note that the exterior remains “extremely good with no body rust or swirls.” The finish presents very strongly in the photos. One very small scratch is noted by the sellers on the lower driver’s side rear quarter panel. The sellers also write that a restorer has retouched the area around the windshield that “has the potential to be a problem zone” with Lancia Betas. Minimal blemishes are noted by the sellers on the rear window frames, but unobserved in the photos.

Otherwise, all brightwork appears as complete, clear and highly polished. All door and trunk seals are said to be in “good condition, with no evidence of past leaks.” All glass is described as original and in good condition, with only scratching on the passenger side of the windshield noted caused by a windshield wiper. New Vitaloni side mirrors are noted, with a spare pair included with the sale. All lights and lenses can be seen as clear and unblemished. According to the sellers, high and low beam headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals are operational. The North American 5 mph bumpers have been “altered to the European style,” per the sellers.

The perforated Tan leather interior’s substantial fitted seats identify the Lancia Beta as a grand touring car. The seats are described as “excellent,” with no cracks or tears. No holes or tears are reported in the original carpeting, which is described in “very good” condition with some fading noted at the front seats. The dashboard appears to have no cracks or other blemishes. All interior trim including gauges and controls is said to be complete. Except for the oil pressure gauge that “is not functioning at present,” all other gauges are described as operational and accurate. The original 1975 factory radio is “present, but not working,” although the cassette tape player and speakers play. The headliner is in “good condition” with working dome lights. The heat works, but there is no air conditioning.

The Lancia Beta Coupe rides on a 93-inch wheelbase, with fully independent suspension and disc brakes on all wheels. The unassisted rack-and-pinion steering has “no play or vagueness, points straight and tracks well,” according to the sellers who add: “All suspension components were serviced in summer 2021 and are in good working order.” The CV boots were also replaced at the same time. The struts on all four corners are said to have correct rebound and no leaks. No issues are reported with the tie-rod ends, ball joints and control arm bushings, which are all described as in “good condition.” The wheel bearings were checked in 2021 and are in “good condition.” No issues are reported with the brakes, which were also serviced in 2021 per the sellers. The pedal “doesn’t ever feel mushy,” and the brakes are described as in “good working order that stops the car effectively.” The 14-inch alloy wheels described as “original” Lancia factory wheels are noted as being in “good condition,” with no curb damage indicated or observed. The Rovelo RHP787 Touring Summer Tires, sized 175/70R14 , are also described in “good condition” although no age or mileage are identified. A spare set of matching wheels is available with the sale. Those are said to have “some pitting.”

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