Is That Yellow? 1972 Porsche 914 2.0

The Porsche 914 is one of the few affordable classics with the drivetrain with a sporty mid-rear setup and it has finally shed some of the “that’s not a real Porsche” snobbery that held it back for years — get yours before the prices jump up…or you might be too late.  Find this 1972 Porsche 914 offered for $9000 in Seymour, CT via craigslist. From Cory.

 From the seller:

1972 Porsche 914 in nice solid condition. 81,000 Some work recently done. Not presently running as to fuel injection and storage . Was a garaged and cared for vehicle. 4 cylinder fuel injected, 5 speed. Was upgraded to a 2.0 kit installed. All vin numbers match and all factory stickers are in place. Clean with a special order paint color. Nice interior and dash. Aftermarket radio. Nice floor pan. $9000 as is and pictured. “NO TITLE” HAVE OLD REGISTRATIONS AND LOTS OF SERVICE RECORDS. Comes with extra transmission.

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