Is So Not Revolting: 1973 Iso Rivolta Lele

The Iso Rivolta Lele (sometimes simply called the Iso Lele) is an oddball 2+2 that split the difference between the sporty Grifo and 4-door Fidia.  Styling was from Marcello Gandini (Lamborghini Countach/Diablo/Espada/Jarama/Miura, Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Fiat X1/9 Alfa Romeo Montreal, Bugatti EB110) when he worked at Bertone, and uses a DeDion tube rear end with inboard brakes…but the engine is a pushrod V8 that was born in Detroit.  Find this 1973 Iso Rivolta Lele here on eBay bidding for $4,650 reserve-not-met with 6 days to go, located Roseville, CA.

In truth the reserve on this car is likely above $30k when you take a quick peek at Hagerty’s market value guide, but this is a one of 285 Leles built, with only 135 of them having this Ford V8 / auto trans combination.  For better or worse, you are getting a bona fide rare Italian stallion for the price of a basket case early 911.

The seller doesn’t include an underhood picture, but these things used Ford 351 V8s installed when new (earlier Isos used Chevy V8s, but some issue with payment terms caused a supplier change) that were rated at 325 horsepower.  There was an available 5-speed manual, but this one left the factory with an automatic.

See a better rare Italian car with American V8 bidding for cheap?