Introducing DailyTurismo Anti-Coronavirus Masks

You asked and we delivered.  It’s in our DNA. Okay, I lied.  Nobody asked for this next thing, but it IS something we all need.  Maybe not for the reasons you might expect, but because just about everywhere in the world has some kind of requirement to wear a face mask and you all have a requirement to spread the gospel about this strange website you frequent that looks like BringATrailer from 1999…yes, this website. So, stop wearing pieces of Wonder Bread pasted to your face with peanut butter and buy a facemask from DailyTurismo — they cost about $16.99 (currently on sale for $13.59) plus shipping via our Society6 store.

So far we’ve got 5 designs — two new special designs from logo guru Kaibeezy (those are engine valves from a Toyota Corona sticking out from little DT logo cars), one hoagie wrapper design from DT Editor Vince and two previous DT designs that seem to work okay for masks.  Society6 is a third party fulfillment shop that makes the masks from the highest quality Wuhan bat fur machine washable poly fabric with woven elastic ear loops.

The prices are a bit high in my opinion (DT has no ability to adjust prices) but we do make about $1.50 per mask sold, so I hope our new yacht will have high speed internet. Get ’em here and we’ll work on some more designs — feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.