Instant Car Collection, Just Add Water

If your neighbors love you now, (with a half dozen Spitfires under tarps on your lawn) just imagine what they will think when the car carriers start to unload these fresh additions to the oxidization challenge you’ve got brewing.  Find this pile of 200+ 1941 to 1979 cars & trucks offered for an undisclosed sum of money near Auburn, CA via craigslist.  Tip from the Beez.

This collection is said to have been owned by the same person for 28 years but has been closed to the public for at least two years.  Oooh….sounds exclusive.  Probably not.  Anyway, between the piles of American iron, you can find a few Volkswageny looking piles, but does anybody spot something worth a few bones in the pile?

Not a bad way to get into the scrap steel business, methinks…