In The Clearing Stands a Boxer: 2016 Factory Five 818

Factory Five is a kit car manufacturer that is known for making those flashy Cobra replicas that are probably a blast to drive but mostly sit in garages when the weather is too cold or too hot.  But Factory Five sells a variety of other kits, some that look like a GT40 and Cobra Daytona Coupe and 33 Ford…but in the past few years they’ve started their own designs, which I personally prefer to the derivative retro designs and am keen on the Subaru boxer powered model called the 818.  Find this 2016 Factory Five 818 offered for $14000 somewhere in Washington State.


 From the seller:

2016 Factory Five 818

fuel: gas

title status: clean

transmission: manual

Custom Built unique sports car. Turbo 2.0 L Subaru engine, 5 speed trans, mid-engine rear wheel drive, 2004 Subaru WRX drive train, new brakes and rotors, New wheels and tires, Sounds amazing, fun and quick. If you are looking for something different look no more.

 See a better way to drive something cool?