I Want My Stickers, Find Them Here

If you didn’t make it to the Big So Cal Euro event this weekend (or even if you did and spent your time looking for Japanese cars) and you still want a DailyTurismo sticker, you have come to the right place.  Details after the jump.

To get a DT sticker is really quite simple, just send an email to tips@dailyturismo.com with the word STICKER in the subject, and your name (or nom de plume) and address in the body of the message.  If you are also interested in getting t-shirts, mugs, trapper-keepers, golf balls, blogger cheek swabs or other DT related junk in the future, please also include your suggestions in the message and we will listen to the masses.  We printed a number of medium sized inside window stickers (as seen in the above image) and a smaller paper bumper sticker, which didn’t come out as nice as we expected  and it would probably be okay on a tool box but not look right on the back of your Ferrari 250GTO SWB PDQ Type R Manicotti special edition.  Depending on the number of requests we will send out more/less stickers per envelope, but if you have any special requests (such as: please don’t lick the envelope you send to me or please note “Cell Block C” below the street address) just let us know.

The Daily Turismo will never use your name, address, shirt size, or sticker preference for any marketing wizardry, NYC mayoral campaign direct marketing or sell your personal info to 419 scammers.  In fact, we routinely hire a group of semi-literate & legally-blind IT folks to purge the DT file systems of all confidential data, search history and bad tips.