I Love The 90s: 1994 Eagle Vision TSi

In the 1980s the guys at Chrysler were hella jelly when GM announced their Saturn brand, so they did the only logical thing to do and announced the Eagle brand in 1988. But while GM had developed an entire lineup of unique tupperware cars for Saturn, the average Eagle showroom was mostly filled with rebadged Mitsubishis. Of particularly noteworthiness in the Eagle lineup are the cars that were the strange offspring of the unholy AMC/Renault alliance and today we’ve got a real winner. The Eagle Vision was a full sized front-drive sedan that lived on the Chrysler LH platform (Concorde, LHS, New Yorker, Intrepid) and today’s example is the desirable TSi version…which despite the name was not turbocharged or super or injected…actually it may have been injected, but we’re not here to be pedantic. We are just here to have a good time and make fun of things. Find this 1994 Eagle Vision TSi offered for $3,495 in Alpharetta, GA via cars.com.