I Love Craigslist: 1989 BMW 325is E30

The E30 generation BMW 3-series offers one of the better combinations of decent power, fun chassis, manual gearbox, and style for very basic money.  BMW built 2.3 million of the compact executive sedans over the years, so supply should outlast demand for a few more decades.  If you want my opinion, the one to get (aside from the murderously expensive M3) is the post facelift (1987+) 325is two-door which is what you are looking at here…but things aren’t always as they seem.  Find this 1989 BMW 325is E30 offered for $6,000 in Anchorage, AK. Tip from Zach Z.

Let’s dissect this craigslist advert one line at a time:

Thinking of selling my baby. It’s been in the family for 15 years. It still rips and looks great rolling down the road.

Okay, great — the car has been in the “family” for 15 years, looks/rips — good stuff.

I’m not super motivated to sell but have been getting a lot of people asking if I want to. I’m seeing whats out there.

I never know what to make of seller’s who say they aren’t super motivated — and it sounds like the seller is being coerced by “a lot of people” to sell his car.  Buy, who am I to judge? 

Photo is not of actual car, but very close with similar body kit. 

Oh for crying out loud.  Seriously?  Never change craigslist, never change.  See a better craigslisting? tips@dailyturismo.com