How Can I Articulate This? 1973 Caterpillar M520 Goer

If you need a vehicle for hauling stuff around your swamp, I think we’ve got something special for you today. The M520 Goer is a 4-wheel-drive articulated heavy duty tactical military truck built by Caterpillar in the mid 1970s…and it is special. The 4 tires are mounted without suspension OR steering…yup, the steering wheel (tiller?) actuates some hydraulic rams that swivels the front around for steering (27 ft turning radius), but can also articulate in the centerline to keep the wheels on the ground when off-road. The Goer is also fully amphibious and uses the wheels for propulsion in the water, but isn’t known for its road manners given the propensity to bounce on hard surfaces and squirt other vehicles with high volume bilge pumps that could be turned on by the driver. Power comes from a CAT D333C 4-cycle diesel that puts out 213 horsepower from 638 cubes on diesel or kerosene. Expect the 31mph top speed to be hairy. Find this 1973 Caterpillar M520 Goer offered for $25,000 in Wasilla, AK via craigslist. Tip from Zach.

From the seller:

This beast was made by Caterpillar for the US Army in 1973. Formal name is 1973 M520, also known as the “Goer.” Fully amphibious this unit can: float across a pond, traverse over large berms and rocks, and slugger through mud with ease! In Vietnam these units were known to take people and things where no other trucks simply could! The drivetrain is hidden inside of the (boat-like) hull meaning that the drivetrain cannot be caught up or snag on the tundra/debris you are driving over. Additionally, the clearance is approximately 2 feet or more at its lowest point – meaning this unit is hard to get stuck. The engine/main components were very common for this time, and you can still get parts through the cat dealer here in Alaska; for example, I had some fuel pump work done to it recently and was able to get the parts at NC Machinery. The pictured red fuel tank is not included in this sale. The price is negotiable. T

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