Hottohatchi: 1990 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R

The Suzuki Alto was a Japanese kei car that has been in constant production since 1979…not that we would know it over here in the land of the giant SUVs. In case you’ve been living on the moon, a kei car is a category for the smallest highway legal vehicles in Japan and it limits the maximum length, width, height, and engine displacement in return for favorable road tax. This third generation Alto Works RS/R is 129.7 inches long, 54.9 inches wide and has a 660cc turbocharger 3-cylinder (6 valves!) that pushes out 61 horsepower and 67 ft-lbs of torque into an all-wheel-drive system. Find this 1990 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R offered for $7,500 in Kingsland, GA via freakbook keijidōshamarket.

From the seller:

1990 Suzuki alto works rs/r awd turbo 5 spd RS/R ALL WHEEL DRIVE TURBO
Listed 3 weeks ago in Kingsland, GA
About This Vehicle
Driven 111,592 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: Blue
Fuel type: Gasoline
2 owners
This vehicle is paid off
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
1990 Suzuki Alto Works

Super Rare ALTO WORKS RS/R Japanese Kei car.
All Wheel Drive, 3 cylinder twin overhead cam, inner-cooled turbo with factory blow off valve and 9k rev limit.
RS/R is the ALL WHEEL DRIVE AWD version which is difficult to find compared to front wheel drive only models.
It has a ton of torque and a blast to drive.
Timing belt was changed in Japan
4 brand new tires on it also.
Here is a video of another RS/R May need to copy and paste in your browser.

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