Horrorod Woipertinger: 1983 Chevrolet Silverado

This next car comes as a tip from Matt C who writes: “Not for the faint of heart – a late Loony Labor Day truckSo it’s $1000 for a truck that doesn’t run with bodywork pieced together out of scraps. But is it EVER pieced together out of scraps! The main body is an early ’80s square body Chevy or GMC, but it’s wearing what looks like a cut down school bus nose, 1950s Chrysler tail fins on the bed, and a lot more.” Find this 1983 Chevrolet Silverado offered for $1000 in Clinton, AR via fakebroke makeabook.

From the seller:

1983 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LS Pickup 2D 8 ft
Listed 22 weeks ago in Clinton, AR
About This Vehicle
Driven 200,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Orange · Interior color: Blue
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fair condition
Seller’s Description

Not for the faint of heart. Fiberglass front clip, nineties International, I think the timing chain is broke, spins over no compression, new distributor and plugs and plug wires, new gas tank, and fuel pump. 4-wheel drive works, Trade is possible, looking for camper trailer with queen size bed with walking room around,or what ever.trade for labor ,trade for log splitter