Honda CBR Power? 1961 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos (driven by Jean-Louis Marnat and Claude Ballot-Lena) was the only British car that was still running when the checkered flag dropped on the ’66 24 Hours of Le Mans…which is odd because typically kit-cars don’t run in prestigious French races.  However, the Austin Mini based classic transcends the normal label applied to kit-cars and is a great way to get into something rare/cool without dipping into your 401k.  Find this 1961 Mini Marcos offered for $10,000 in Escondido, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Otto Nobedder.

The Mini Marcos puts a fiberglass monocoque over a Mini subframe/running gear and retains the Mini front engine/front drive setup.  This one, however, has gone over to the dark side, and was recently powered by a 1 liter Honda CBR bike engine pushing around the rear wheels…but the custom rear bike engine setup has been removed and it is being prepped to return to BMC A-series power. A few pics of the car when it was in better shape can be seen here, and here.

 The seller includes the motorcycle engine setup and a souped up A-series engine that needs to be assembled…however the seller causally mentions that the motorcycle setup retains the stock fuel tank, so you theoretically could build a twin-engine monster…good luck trying to figure out how to operate a twin stick/clutch setup while going deaf.

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