High Top: 1988 Sven Westfalia VW Camper

Just when you think you had seen every variation on the VW camper theme, another one pops-up (bad pun intended).  Here is an example of a configuration that does not pop up, but when it comes to travel amenities it is heads above the others.  Find this 1988 Sven Hedin Westfalia Volkswagen Camper here on eBay for sale in Blanco, TX for $18,900.

No, the VW camper isn’t the easily affordable and abundant flop-house-on-wheels that it was during the Jerry Garcia era.  You can pay as much as you want for a Westy, as they are now fetishized for their kitschiness and nostalgic qualities.  Even recent models are getting expensive relative to their domestic equivalents and this one is no exception.  

If you are going to pick up one of these beauties, this may be a great choice.  A fiberglass shell that doesn’t retract means that you can store more gear on your trip.  Look at all those cubbies in the below photo.  Also, the heavy-oil power plant is located up front meaning you don’t have to share living space with a flat four in the back.    

Westfalia campers generally don’t have the space for a full bathroom, but with this one you do.  While it may take a little effort to maintain and winterize, you will be glad it is there.  You are no longer limited to campsites with services, so your adventure options are much greater.

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’88 VW Vanagon Spectra Premium Ignition Coil for $53.99 via Advance Auto Parts.

’88 VW Vanagon Carquest Wearever Brake Rotor Front for $83.19 via Advance Auto Parts.