High As A Kite: 1967 Ford Mustang 4X4

You’d have to be as blasted as Todd Marinovich to think this next feature is worth anything near the $20k asking price.  But this next thing is the kind of pants-free thinking that we need in this world…just go easy on the speedballs when driving.  Find this 1967 Ford Mustang 4X4 offered for $20,000 in Arvada, CO via craigslist. Tip from Jeffrey.

With a 390 cubic inch FE V8, and a top load 4-speed manual gearbox, this Mustang coupe could have made a nice cruiser, but instead it towers above traffic like some kind of advertisement for snorting a mix of powdered Enzyte & meth.  Drugs are bad…mmmkay.

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