Hey, Watch This: 1996 Geo Metro

The Geo Metro isn’t the skinny kid who got beat up in school — it is the even smaller kid that was left alone because even the bullies felt sorry for him.  But not today.  Today, the Geo has been given an adamantium skeleton and a bazooka to settle a few old scores.  Find this 1996 Geo Metro offered for $6,000 in Sierra Vista, AZ via craigslist.

 This isn’t just a Geo with a big hood scoop, because under that scoop is a 450 horsepower turbocharged “ecotec” inline4.  According to the seller: Very fast, but not much fun for daily driving.  I actually think this would be a fun car for daily driving, but saying “watch this” and understeering into a ditch IS my idea of fun.

The not-so-eco anymore “EcoTec” inline-4 is probably from some Cavalier/Cobalt/Pileofjunk where it would have made 150ish horsepower, but it is boosted up to 450 horsepower for proper tire-melting fun.

Can you say “torque steer?” tips@dailyturismo.com