Herr Kermit: 1989 Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is an evil temptress.  She has beautiful curves, a powerful V8 under the hood, and Porsche badging, all with a narcotizing waft of affordability.  However, if you’ve got a decent set of tools, an internet connection, and (most importantly) a can-do attitude, you can drive one of these things everyday without being a member of the Trump family.  Find this 1989 Porsche 928 offered for $5975 in Clear Lake, MN via craigslist.  Tip from Michael.

Between those pop-up headlights is a 5.0 liter DOHC V8 that pushes out 306 horsepower into a 4-speed automatic gearbox (arggg!).  It will be a fun project to figure out what is wrong with the engine, but as long as the green paint has been applied properly, this could be fun.

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