Hermano Pajero: 1986 Dodge Raider

This next car comes from tipper David S who writes; With the recent trend of Youtubers dragging forgotten obscure gems out of bogs and doing CPR & other life support on them, this really calls to me. Sadly, I have a life to live and a TR6 in my garage that’s a 5 year stalled project, so I must avert … my eyes … from … this …Too bad it’s just one measley photo. I guess they couldn’t afford the costs of taking more? Find this 1986 Dodge Raider offered for $950 in Tarpon Springs, FL via facebash murkybrook.


From the seller:

1986 Dodge raider
Listed a day ago in Tarpon Springs, FL
About This Vehicle
Driven 80,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: Grey
Fuel type: Gasoline
Seller’s description
It was running rough in 2005, it was parked here and nobody has used it since. It has some rust and mild inside. Great opportunity for a restoration project or use for spare parts. This is a great authentic off road workhorse. I have not tried to start it as I don’t want to draw dirty fuel into the engine. Best offer or trade for Jon boat with good engine.