Hergestellt in Deutschland: 2007 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

Words and tip by Andy L: What is it about superchargers that is so appealing to some of us? 
Perhaps it is the a word containing “super” evokes the idea of
something extra that can give the underdog an edge.  After all, super is
one of the first superlatives we learn as children and it evokes the
idea of mysterious powers.  Is it the menacing appearance of a whirling
pulley and ribbed belt on a 5000 horsepower top fuel dragster that
hypnotizes us? Maybe it is the distinctive sound they produce, whether
roots-type, screw-type, vane-type, g-lader or centrifugal.  Whatever
the case, the addition of a blower to any engine means more power, more
noise, more speed and more fun.  Find this 2007 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 offered for $6,500 in Sioux City, NE via craigslist.

Here is an example of a car
made super by the addition of mechanical forced induction.  You either
love or hate Crossfire with its Benz breeding and art deco styling.  If
you love it, you will likely really love the SRT-6 treatment, which
makes it a very respectable performer.  Although suspension tweaks have
made the ride quality of the SRT-6 a little on the harsh side, such a
small and sporty looking car deserves a run of such enhanced performance

There is something fishy with this advert…the underhood pic shows a different grill and a non SRT engine….I dunno

The featured car looks like it may be a great
deal.  Although not extremely rare, a good SRT-6 with low miles is hard
to find.  Depending on whom you ask, the Crossfire seems to have dodged
many of the quality and fit and finish issues that are associated with
period Chryslers.  This one has low miles and wears the gorgeous
standard alloys instead of the out-of-place thin finned ones normally
found on the SRT.  Hopefully the tacky screen grill treatment can easily
be switched out with the original.

For $6500, you can get a fast, low-mileage car that you won’t run into at every intersection.  And your own supercharger.

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Another big thanks to Andy L for the tip and words — DT E-i-C Vince