Help A DT Reader Rebuild A Tire Shop

DT community member William Robinson mentioned recently that his brother had lost a commercial building in a fire.  On Dec 20, 2014, the shop building for Robinson’s X-Treme Towing & Tire burned to the ground.  The family has some insurance that will eventually pay something, but in the meantime Will has started an indiegogo campaign to help his brother re-launch the business. Perhaps today is a good day to skip your morning latte and chip in $5 to a worthy cause to help out a stranger thousands of miles away.

According to Will, the fire started from an accident involving a gas tank and the only person injured was the young guy who was working on the tank at the time (small burn on his leg, but he will be fine). 

Here is Robinson’s X-treme Towing & Tire before the fire (Aug 2012 google streetview image).  According to Robinson’s X-Treme website, the company offers local emergency, long distance car hauling, X-tremeness, and tires.

There are a few lessons to take away from this, first is that working on fuel tanks is dangerous stuff and second is that proper charged fire extinguishers near any potential fuel/ignition/fire sources is a must (consult a fire safety expert for proper type, size, location).  Most fire professionals will tell you that the difference between a small wiring harness fire on your project car and a burnt down garage happens in the first 30 seconds of seeing flames (this may not have been the case in this fire, and we are just glad everyone is okay). 

Stay safe everyone.