Help DT Find President’s Day Feature Cars

With President’s day rapidly approaching, we are asking our dear readers to help find us the best President’s Day cars in the Daily Turismo preferred price range.  Last year Ford re-branded their Lincoln division as the Lincoln Motor Company and launched a bizarre ad campaign that included videos of an actor playing the long dead President Lincoln and trying to convince you to spend four score dollars on a Ford product with a hideous grill and manta-ray styling.  It would be easy to spend the day featuring freshly depreciated Lincoln product…but…there must be something better out there.

We could spend the day listing things like this 2011 Lincoln Town Car with 260k miles on the odometer.  An incredible 262 miles a day indicates this was a fleet car or someone with a really bad commute.  Asking price is $16,500 and positively nuts, but it was the last year of the Town Car and you won’t find anyone putting that many miles on an MKZ without serious and huge maintenance bills.

Help us find the good stuff.  Comment below or send us a tip.