Helig Ko: 1988 Saab 900S

Back in the day, the OG Saab 900 classic platform (rolling off the assembly line and into hearts from 1978 to 1994) was like a cool upgrade for the older Saab 99 platform, which was strutting its stuff in the mid 60s. It isn’t a bad way to get into a fun classic…but whatever you do, please don’t put hideous wheels or Buick portholes on the side…but feel free to cover the interior with cow-hide styled fabric, because that is awesome. Find this 1988 Saab 900S offered for $2,800 in Lisbon Falls, ME via facecow pasturbook. Tip from ME.

From the seller:

1988 Saab 900 S Hatchback 2D
Listed 2 weeks ago in Lisbon Falls, ME
About This Vehicle
Driven 250,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Yellow · Interior color:
Fuel type: Gasoline
Seller’s Description
Starts and runs great. Fully rebuilt transmission. 3 inch cat back stainless exhaust “custom built.” Floor is needing repair. This car used to drive like it was on rails. Body is still solid. Interior has obviously been changed from original. Some body deletes, Door locks and rear vents. Clear coat is baking off “custom paint from 2002”. 18 inch wheels and tires with custom spacers. Tires were put on new in 2018. No miles since

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