Hecho en Greece: 1975 MEBEA Robin

You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the Greeks. They contributed a lot to philosophy, art, literature, mathematics, and science — the basic underpinnings of Western Civilization. However, the influence of the Greeks on the automobile industry has been limited. Sure, there have been people such as John Paraskevopoulos was the aerospace engineer who (after spending developing wind tunnels at GM) helped shape the aerodynamics of the Ford Taurus and Probe. Or George Skapikas who founded the Elva Sports Car Company…and that just about covers it, except for the impact of MEBEA. Which was Μεσογειακαί Επιχειρήσεις Βιομηχανίας, Εμπορίου και Αντιπροσωπειών or Mediterranean Enterprises for Industry, Commerce and Dealerships. MEBEA started building motorcycles but eventually branched into assembling versions of the Reliant Robin under license from Reliant…which sounds like a bad idea until you feast your eyes upon this next car. Find this 1975 MEBEA Robin offered for $8900 in Akron, OH via facegreek athensbook.

From the seller:

1975 MEBEA robin
Listed 11 hours ago in Akron, OH
About This Vehicle
Driven 45,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Orange · Interior color: Black
Fuel type: Gasoline
This vehicle is paid off
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
Super rare MEBEA Robin, a Greek-made (under license) version of the infamous Reliant Robin. Body was made in Greece and united with frame, engine and running gear supplied by Reliant. Left hand drive! Overall very good condition. Please note that this car is in Greece. Prefer to sell in Greece but can be shipped anywhere. Questions welcome! Thank you for your interest

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