Hard To Beliebe: 1995 Ford Explorer

Ford had a massive issue back in the 1990s with Explorers exploring the roll over integrity of their chassis on a regular basis.  In the end Ford managed to transfer most of the blame to Firestone tires, but a top heavy truck equipped with tires that spontaneously combusted like a drummer from Spinal Tap was a bad combination for all involved.  But today’s sunny-side-down Explorer has a celebrity connection that is difficult to beliebe, but hilarious…Find this 1995 Ford Explorer offered for $14,000 in Venice, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Tom.

The seller’s text is just too good to be true — just read it here:

I know, I know. This price seems crazy for this explorer!!! Especially with its current condition. However realize this….

I bought this explorer from Justin Biebers MOM a few years go. She used
to drive him to auditions all the time in this car when he was a kid.
His DNA and scent is everywhere!!!!! Could be a great car to brag about
to friends if you can get it to work!!!

I have pics to prove it. Email me if interested and want more pictures 

If only this thing had flipped a few years ago, we might have been spared the scourge of the prepubescent youtube sensation. See another flipping celebrity car? tips@dailyturismo.com