Happy New Year 2024: 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

Happy New Years 2024 to everyone out in cyberspace, I can’t believe we’ve made it to another year with all of our dignity intact. Mostly. Anyway, time to spend the next few months writing the wrong date on checks and watching the price of classic cars continue to skyrocket. Speaking of rockets…check out this Oldsmobile with a 394 cubic inch RocketV8. Find this 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire offered for $9995 in Deming, NM via ebay motors.

From the seller:

!962 olds starfire. This is a survivor car . As such pretty much stock as it came from factory. It was repainted just to show better and it does. Motor is a 394 cu.in. with 345 horsepower. Slim Jim automatic transmission 4 speed work as it should. Shifter shows low, super and drive.
Have only had it one year and only upgrades I did were rebuild carburetor, New Aluminum radiator. Replaced electric and manual fuel pumps. Miscellaneous hoses . Was all it needed to be more reliable.
Interior shows as really nice. Body by Fischer. To me its the same as a Chevy Super Sport. Only defect in interior is split dashboard either side of radio. Headliner red in great shape.
Has spring assist overload springs rear and to me the stance is just right.
I have driven the car on Interstate and it is steady. Could Easily be a daily driver. Hit passing gear and it flies.
Speedometer shows 3999 so rolled over once .Tires and brakes good.
Neat old car, Oldsmobile had some really nice design features exterior and interior.
Reason for selling is making more room for different car.
Thought I would include some straight down the side pictures. Has been repaired where necessary. For me it was cheap enough to just drive a nice car. It is not a show car. Thought I would put that out there.
Added pictures of trunk, engine, tried to show gap at front and rear bumper in relation to fender. Also picture of missing tiny trim piece behind passenger door handle

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

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