Happy Birthday Daily Turismo

Another year, another set of wrinkles and grey hair…except not on Daily Turismo. Here we turned 8 years old on July 17th, 2020, but through the magic of the internet, we can get younger each year. Leaner. Fitter. Less spammy, less Blogger, more WordPress, more mobile friendly. So that is exactly what we did.

DT’s 7th year was not without it’s trials and tribulations. We mourned the passing of DT writer Hunsbloger on New Years Eve, and we had more spam comments than rust on an un-restored Renault (blogger’s blogging platform may have been state of the art in 2012, but they’ve all but abandoned development and spam is rampant)…and then this COVID19 thing hit. It (COVID19) hasn’t seemed to have affected the used car market as much as I thought it should or would…but life goes on and we’ve tried to make the best of it. Our site revamp has come along nicely and we are adding some new fresh writers to help bring some more energy and more cars/ more features/ more of the best cars for sale on the internet.

Where does DT go from here? I don’t know, but it will be driven with arms crossed over, rear tires clawing for grip, and flames shooting the rear. One more lap and I’ll get those flames the light the candles on the cake…

DT Editor-in-Chief, Vince

Photo credits; some pics I took at Laguna Seca Historic Races in 2017.